Northampton Domination with Mistress Victoria Northampton Domination with Mistress Victoria
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So who wants to be my money slave, my cash cow, my penny pig?!!! well being my money slave just got a whole lot more expensive because I'm feeling that you cash cows just are not digging deep enough into your wallets to please your goddess...

Financial Domination Sex Chat
(Call cost 65p per minute + your phone company’s access charge)

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I am your queen. I own you. I own your wallet. I own all your bank accounts and soon enough you will be begging for me to allow you to sign over the deeds to your house, ownership of your vehicles, control of your passport and full control of your pathetic little cocks, enforced chastity device preferable. I am here to use an abuse your mind, your body and more importantly your wallet, taking full ownership over you, taking advantage of you at every chance in every situation. I will have full power over you dick heads.

You will no longer make any decisions regarding your financial status, you will come to your mistress and ask my permission for any spendatures as its not your money it's my money. You will be officially wallet raped and taken over and just so you know that this is no game and so I can be assured that you are genuine and 100% committed, when you have learnt to fully submit to me in every way shape and form, when its drummed in to your head that I own your pathetic arse, you will be presented a contract to sign over any major financial decisions for example if you wanted to buy a new car or a new house you would come crawling to your goddess to ask my permission then depending on weather I permit or deny you can then go ahead and do what mistress demands. I am not your girlfriend or your wife I am your queen I own you, so whereas most married men would go to their wife's when making these kind of decisions and discuss, you will not, your first initial thought will be to come straight to your mistress and discuss with me, asking for my opinion and my express permission - fuck the wife - I couldn't give a flying fuck what she wants or weather she is in agreement or not - I come first, whatever you or the girlfriend or wife or the rest of your family or friend may want is absolutely irrelevant. I own you. I own your wallet bitch, and you will get to learn this highly important fact real fucking quick cash cow!

Financial Domination Sex Chat

Call Me On 0909 466 7666
(Call cost 65p per minute + your phone company’s access charge)

Not only will you have no control or say so in money matters, I make all the decisions but I will demand as my cash cow you are obliged to make regular payment to your goddess but i will demand you make payments obviously just for using my precious time talking to me but also for forgiveness if you forget to make payments without mistresses permission or if you wank your little dick or spunk without asking for mistresses permission before hand, if mistress doesn't feel you deserve to pleasure yourself and feel good, touching your dick then you will not touch your dick until you earn this privilege by paying your goddess the specified amount - ring my kinky financial domination phonesex line to learn how to earn a place as my money pig now.

Cash Cows, Money Pigs, Financial Slaves... are you ready to give over control and be wallet raped?

Call Me 0909 466 7666
(Call cost 65p per minute + your phone company’s access charge)

Money pigs, cash cows, financial domination slaves you are here for mistress to drain your wallet dry and rinse your hard earned wonga. You will fully submit to your seductive, beautiful mistress, devoting your life to your one and only goddess. You are here to endlessly spoil your beauty of a mistress. Get on your knees & worship me money-pig!! Your goddess is here to spend your money! Spoil me until you break the bank!!

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As my personal money pig you may encounter acts of control, blackmail, humiliation, merciless tease and denial, punishments, costly taxations and be expected to regularly offer tributes such as bill payments, gifts, general spendature to spoil your goddess, shopping sprees and so much more to get you bitches in line.

Your duty as my cash cow will be to act as the equivalent of an ATM, hole in the wall, private bank - you're going to be my human cash machine, handing over money at every opportunity possible.

I am looking for a number 1 financial money slave pet, a personal money-pig who I can fully I enslave financial, control, manipulate, exploit and wallet rape on a full time basis whenever I please, a genuine cash cow, someone who will fully submit to mistresses wants & desires, obey and follow my every command, one who will quickly learn to know his place beneath his mistress 6inch stiletto heels and who knows everything he does in his life is purely to delight his mistress.


1st things first if you genuine want to become my money slave then money if key.

If you want me to pay you any attention what so ever you must earn it.

You will begin by emailing me an Amazon voucher of minimum £30 to prove you are genuine & for me to even acknowledge you this is required first of all, then you will email me a proposal of how best you can devote your wallet and serve as my money slave then we can begin your term of financial enslavement.

You are expected to pay regular tribute to your mistress. Each time you pay me a tribute or pay slave tax you are then to email me and inform me. in return the mere fact that mistress may actually acknowledge your petty existence should be more than enough for you pathetic losers but for my own please I may allow you each time you pay tribute and worship your goddess I may allow you to request a particular pose in a picture I will send to you. I may allow you a brief live webcam session, text chat or mistresses extreme domination phonesex sessions.

Taxations / Tributes

Pay My Household Bills £250

Take Me For Shopping Trip / New Outfit £300

Wank Tax - If You've Wanked Without Mistresses Permission £50

Nails £35

Pedicure £40

New Shoes £70

Make Up £80

Designer Outfit / Designer Items / Handbags £500

Food Shopping £160

Restaurant / Clubs / Party / Coffee For Me & My Friends £130

New Lingerie £200

New Sex Toys £370

Shopping Trip Day - Out Spoil Me Silly £700

Gym Membership £270


If you are a fully submitted, 100% dedicated money slave for mistress then you may apply to become your goddesses Personal Money Pig. A personal money pig will go to the most extreme lengths for his mistress.

A contract will be professionally drawn up by a solicitor to set out the terms of our relationship this is only for serious money slaves ready to fully give over his whole life to me. Once this contract is drawn up, clearly defining the terms of our mistress & money slave relationship, the contract will be either posted or emailed over to you for you to agree and sign.

As a personal slave there must be absolute dedication for me as your one and only mistress.

I will have full control over you and any finances. I will own your arse.

As personal money slave there may be requirements such a handing over the deeds to your house, full access to your bank accounts, credit cards, PIN numbers, bank statements and so much more.

Each time you pay mistress any kind of random tribute, the monthly tribute, gift or payment of taxation you are to email me at in return if you please your divine goddess if, for example, you buy me a pair of Gucci stiletto heel shoes, I may allow you to request a picture of me wearing these sexy shoes, mainly because I want to show my new beautiful shoes off, not for your benefit!

Some of the activities I enjoy:

A Levels (at discretion)
Anal Play
BDSM (giving)
Being Filmed
Cross Dressing
Dinner Dates
Disabled Clients
Face Sitting
Fisting (giving)
French Kissing (discretion)
Hand Relief
Prostate Massage
Rimming (Giving)
Role Play & Fantasy
Smoking (Fetish)
Tie & Tease
Watersports (Giving)